At Taunton Scrap Metal we believe that competitive pricing, organization, and clear communication are the keys to running a great scrap metal yard. If you ever have any questions about our pricing, what we buy, or about any of our services or other topics, please feel free to give us a call or contact us online. However, there are some general questions we get a lot, that we figured we would answer upfront.

How Do You Determine Prices For Scrap Metal?

Prices are constantly changing and fluctuating in our industry. At any yard in New England, you will find that prices constantly rise and fall. It is the nature of scrap metal recycling. We work hard to make sure that the prices on our website reflect the prices at our yard, but the best way to get up to date information on our prices is to contact us. Of course, there are steps you can take to increase how much money you will get for your scrap metal. That is why we write a helpful blog on the best ways to scrap.

Do You Pay Cash For Scrap Metal?

Taunton Scrap Metal pays in either cash or check for your scrap metal. Depending on which you prefer we will get you what you need.

Do You Scrap Cars?

Yes, we scrap a variety of vehicles at our location in Taunton. We recommend reading through this post to learn more about the best way to scrap a car or truck.

Do You Recycle Batteries?

Taunton Scrap Metal is NOT a place to bring regular single-use and rechargeable batteries found in smoke detectors, phones, remotes, etc. We do scrap car batteries and other machine batteries. For instance, many forklifts use lead-acid batteries, which we do purchase and recycle.

Do You Offer Dumpster Services?

Yes, we offer dumpsters services throughout Bristol County. Our dumpsters are perfect for contracting companies and in cases where the amount of metal recycled is large enough we will waive any dropoff or pickup fees.

Do I Need To Organize Scrap Metal Before I Recycle It?

You do not need to organize or clean any scrap metal, however, doing so will affect how much money you get as a return for your metal. Clean and organized scrap metal is more valuable because of the time that is saved. So if you are scrapping a large amount we recommend taking the time to organize it into separate bins based on type.

Contact Taunton Scrap Metal

If you have any other questions that you would like to have answered, simply give us a call at Taunton Scrap Metal. We would be happy to answer you during business hours. Otherwise, you can always send our team a message online.