Taunton, Massachusetts is a city in Bristol County with a population of about 60,000 residents. Founded in 1637, the area is notable for many former Presidents having given speeches in the city during campaigns. Many corporations of various industries call Taunton home. The commonwealth of Massachusetts operates two state parks in Taunton. The Massasoit State Park in East Taunton and Watson Pond State Parks are two areas of recreation in the city.

Scrap Metal Service in Taunton MA

Taunton Scrap Metal is happy to provide a valuable scrap metal recycling service to residents of the town in which we operate. We provide cash in hand for scrap metal at our location and our mission is to provide our customers the best price possible. We enjoy working with both corporations and individual scrap metal customers alike. Our brand new facility in Taunton is easy to access on 20 Cushman Street. Our staff is professional, friendly, and ready to help with your scrap metal when you arrive!

Roll Off Dumpster Service in Taunton MA

For individual scrap metal customers or commercial scarp metal customers with bigger needs, Taunton Scrap Metal offers roll off dumpster service in Taunton. This is perfect for contractors, builders, and organizations who are going through large projects that produce great amounts of scrap metal.
We offer roll off dumpsters anywhere from 15 to 50 yards. Our facility is equipped with an 80 foot truck scale to make the disposal of large amounts of scrap metal as easy as possible. The Taunton Scrap Metal facility is also equipped with have equipment to expedite the process.
Do you have any questions about our scrap prices or scrap metal in Tauntion, Massachusetts? Contact us here today!