New Bedford is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts and has the largest population of the cities in Bristol County. Although it is a little bit farther than some of the other areas we serve in the Bristol County area, because of our competitive prices, many New Bedford residents prefer to work with Taunton Scrap Metal. Our scrap metal yard is well organized and is committed to making scrapping simple, straightforward, and profitable. We constantly update our prices based on changes in the industry. We also make it easy for both commercial and residential scrappers to know what to expect from our yard before coming with our “what we buy” section of the website. Our goal has always been to serve the Bristol County area with an easy to use scrap metal recycling service.

Recycling Large Amounts of Scrap Metal Near New Bedford

Like any city, New Bedford constantly has construction projects being run. Construction, demolition, and remodeling create the largest amounts of scrap metal. Once you have all of the scrap metal it is important to make sure it is properly organized so that we can offer you the best prices on the metal. Of course, for certain large jobs, it might not be efficient timewise to sort all of the metal and make sure it is clean. If that is the case, we will handle sorting for you, just bring all of the metal to us either in separate bins or mixed together and we will offer you the best price we can.

Roll-Off Scrap Metal Dumpsters For New Bedford

Taunton Scrap Metal also offers roll-off dumpster services. With this service, we will bring dumpsters to your location so that you can easily fill them up with scrap metal. We offer multiple sizes, and for large enough jobs we will waive the delivery and pickup fees for the dumpster. To learn more about this service, contact a member of our team. We would be happy to help schedule pick-up and drop-off times for your next project.

Contact Taunton Scrap Metal

If you have any questions about recycling scrap metal, feel free to contact us to learn more about our yard, what we recycle, and how to get the most for your metal. We would be happy to discuss scrapping projects with you as well as our roll-off dumpster service.