Berkley Massachusetts is a smaller township located within Bristol County. It is part of the county that is almost equidistant between Boston and Providence. For this reason, many people living in Berkley either work in Bristol Country or commute to one of the capital cities near them. Berkley neighbors both Dighton and Taunton Massachusetts. With our scrap metal yard located in Taunton Massachusetts, we commonly have both Berkley residents and commercial vendors come to our yard to recycle scrap metal.

The Best Prices on Scrap Metal Near Berkley

When you decide to recycle your scrap metal for cash, there are a few things to consider. Generally, you should not go to a yard that is too far away from your location. The further you have to haul the scrap metal, the more money you lose on gas and the more time you lose. However, you should also not just pick the closest yard. Finding a yard that offers the best prices for your scrap metal is imperative. Whether you are planning to just scrap a small amount of metal that has gathered up in your garage, or you are a contractor that wants to get rid of large amounts of metal all at once, Taunton Scrap Metal offers great prices on all the different metals we buy. We also transparently show our prices on our website and frequently update them to reflect changes in the scrapping industry. If you have any questions about our scrapping service you can contact us online and we will promptly answer you.

Roll-Off Dumpster Service for Berkley

Another service of ours is our roll-off dumpsters. For large commercial jobs, we provide dumpsters to your location in Berkley Massachusetts. Once the job is complete we will pick up the dumpster and bring it back to our yard to sort and scrap the metal. For large enough jobs we will waive pick-up and drop-off fees. Contact a member of our team to learn more about the roll-off dumpster service.

Recycling Scrap Metal In Massachusetts

For more information about what metals to scrap and how to get the most out of recycling your scrap metal, check out our blog on a variety of scrap metal topics. If you have any specific questions about our yard, call 508 823-0900 or contact us online to learn more. At Taunton Scrap Metal we are dedicated to making recycling simple and rewarding for everyone from small businesses to individuals.