Norton Massachusetts was initially part of Taunton Massachusetts. However, due to the poor road conditions and how much of a hassle it was for Norton residents to travel to Taunton, so in 1711 Norton officially became its own township. Lucky in the last three hundred years the roads have improved slightly, making it much easier to get from Norton to Taunton. Located just under 7 miles from Norton, Taunton Scrap Metal is the most convenient scrap metal recycling yard in the area. With the diverse industrial makeup of Norton, we often work with Norton contractors to make sure metals are recycled properly, and offer fair pricing.

Best Scrap Metal Prices For Norton MA

At Taunton Scrap Metal, we want to make the scrapping process clear cut and beneficial for all of our customers. We pride ourselves on having readily available transparent pricing. We consistently update our pricing to match changes in the scrapping industry and make sure you always get the best deal for your metal. We scrap a large variety of metals. In order to maximize your return on investment for your scrap metal, working with a yard nearby is ideal. Whether you are getting rid of copper wire, heavy iron, or even old machinery, if you can get to our yard, we will pay you for it for. If you are interested in recycling your metal with a Metal Yard that has been serving Norton residents for, see a full list of what we buy on our website.

Commercial Scrap Metal Roll Off Dumpsters in Norton MA

For large commercial jobs in Norton Massachusetts, we offer a roll-off dumpster delivery service. We want to make recycling scrap metal as straightforward as possible, and with our metal yard only seven miles from the center of Norton, having our dumpsters delivered and picked up is very convenient. If your contracting company is working on remodeling, construction, or demolition jobs, rent one of our roll-off dumpsters to collect your scrap metal. Over the years we have done a great deal of business with contractors in Norton, which is why, for large scrap metal jobs, we are willing to offer our dumpsters for free. At Taunton Scrap Metal it is always our number one priority to make scrap metal recycling convenient for all our Massachusetts clients.

Taunton Scrap Metal is a proud member of the Bristol County area. So whether you are a professional contracting group working on a construction or a homeowner wanting to get rid of some old motors, give us a call or come down to our scrap metal yard at 20 Cushman St, Taunton.