Attleboro Massachusetts is nestled between Providence and Boston. It is home to many commuters who work in either city. Attleboro was once known as the jewelry capital of the world for it’s leading presence in the jewelry industry. Attleboro is filled with industrial and commercial buildings that have been around since the industrial revolution. Because of Attleboro’s relationship to industry and metalworking, there is a high demand for metal recycling in the Attleboro area. With Taunton Scrap Metal only about 10 miles away, it is the perfect scrap shop for selling and recycling metal.

Best Scrap Metal Prices For Attleboro Residents

Attleboro residents can trust Taunton Scrap Metal to always offer fair prices for all of the scrap metal we recycle. At Taunton Scrap Metal we consistently update our prices on our website to make sure we get recyclers the best price we can. Whether your company wants to get rid of a large amount of scrap metal, or you are a single resident that has some scrap metal to get rid off, we work with any size job. Take a look at what we buy to get a better understanding of what we buy. We buy raw materials like iron, copper, aluminum, and steel as well as junk cars.

Roll Off Dumpsters for Scrap Metal in Attleboro MA

With large industrial or commercial construction or demolition jobs, we offer a roll-off dumpster delivery service. Our roll-off dumpsters help contractors remove metal waste on the locally on the job site. In Attleboro, there are many contractor jobs that can benefit from our roll-off dumpsters. If the job is large enough we will waive the drop-off and pick up fees. Contact a member of our team to learn more and set up a drop-off.

Taunton Scrap Metal is happy to help both commercial and individual scrappers get information and get paid for recycling their scrap metal. If you have questions or want to schedule a roll off dumpster delivery give us a call.