23, Feb, 2020

How To Properly Recycle Batteries in Massachusetts

As a scrap a metal yard, we often help local community members in our service area with tips on how to scrap different types of metals. Our commercial clients usually are looking to scrap specific metal waste that is created from construction, but our residential clients have a lot of different unique scrapping and recycling projects. For instance, one of the most common things we scrap is car parts. However, we also often get asked whether or not we take batteries. So we wanted to write this helpful guide on how to properly get rid of old dead batteries.

Recycling Single-Use Batteries

Single-use batteries are a catch-all for the small batteries that are used throughout most people’s homes. They include AA, AAA, and D cell batteries that are commonly used for smoke detectors, remotes, and other battery-powered equipment. In the state of Massachusetts, it is legal to simply throw out these batteries in your regular trash. Years ago these batteries used small amounts of mercury, which is why it was illegal to simply throw them out. But now, they are made of common metals and are no longer an issue to simply throw out with the rest of your trash. However, it is possible to recycle single-use batteries. To recycle single-use batteries, you should research local recycling centers that recycle batteries. Generally speaking, unlike other metals, you will not likely make money recycling batteries. Some residents buy rechargeable batteries to avoid needing to recycle or throw out batteries constantly.

Disposing of Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have become more prevalent in homes throughout Massachusetts. They are in phones, computers, power tools, and many other appliances. As mentioned above, some residents buy rechargeable batteries to replace their AA, AAA, and D-cell batteries. Unliked the single-use batteries, rechargeable batteries should not be thrown away. If a piece of technology is no longer useable, or the battery is no longer holding a charge, you should recycle the battery. Similar to single-use batteries you will need to find a local recycling center that takes those types of batteries. It is unlikely that there are recycling centers that will pay for them.

Disposing of Car Batteries

At Taunton Scrap Metal, we take and scrap a variety of automotive parts. This includes car batteries, Based on the condition, the metal, and the weight, we will pay you for your old car battery. We also scrap steel-cased batteries. Steel case batteries are generally found in forklifts and other similar equipment. If you want to recycle a large battery, we highly recommend checking our prices or coming to our scrap yard.