27, Jan, 2020

How To Make Money Scrapping An Old Car in Massachusetts

Recycling scrap metal is a great way to make some quick cash. Many homeowners and business owners have benefited from selling their scrap metal in Massachusetts. In Taunton, we buy a variety of metals and also recycle used vehicles. Our yard is designed to make scrapping straightforward and simple. We provide as much information as we can upfront including our prices. However, we often get a lot of questions on how to properly scrap a used vehicle. Generally speaking, there are two common methods for scrapping cars: optimizing how much money you make and optimizing time. We have written in the past how veteran scrappers make more money by preparing their metal before they sell it. The same is true for cars and trucks. In this article, we will outline the two methods for scrapping your vehicle.

Getting The Most Money When Scrapping A Car

Just like scrapping other metal, the more work you do upfront, the more money you can expect from your scrapyard. There are a few steps you will want to do with your vehicle to make it easier to scrap at your local yard. You can choose to follow all of these guidelines or just a few of them, but if your goal is to get the most money on your old car and you have experience working on cars, these are the steps you should consider taking.

  • Drain Fluids: Your vehicle most likely still has oil, wiper fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid, and transmission fluid inside. Removing these fluids is the first step in preparing your car. It is important that you remove and dispose of any vehicle fluids in accordance with Massachusetts state law.
  • Remove the Radiator & Battery: Radiators and batteries should be disposed of separately and in accordance with Massachusetts state law.
  • Remove Copper Wires: This is a time-consuming process but it can be worth it. From your dashboard to your head & tail lights are copper wires that can be removed and sold to your scrap dealer.
  • Remove the Trunk/Hood: Your trunk and hood covers can be removed and sold as-is at many scrap yards throughout the state.
  • Cleanout the Interior: Remove seats, carpets, the dashboard and gut the interior of your vehicle. It is rare for scrap yards to accept these pieces as they are not compromised of metal. If these items are in good condition you could reuse them or sell them online.
  • Remove Parts: Breaking your car down to base components will get you the most money on your parts. Although we also recommend calling your yard and making sure they recycle and buy the specific parts before you waste your time. Many scrapyards recycle spark plugs, carburetors, distributor caps, air filters & more. Although one of the best things to remove is the catalytic converter which is often made of non-ferrous metals. But in order to get to the transmission, catalytic converter, & the exhaust system, you will need to remove the engine.
  • Remove the Engine: Removing an engine can be difficult for someone inexperienced with auto repair and requires special tools. We would not recommend that anyone attempt to do this without the proper tools and experience. If you have an engine hoist, you can lift an engine out of your vehicle after you have removed all the bolts that connect the engine to the transmission.

If you follow these steps you will be able to save your scrapyard a lot of time. This translates to you being able to sell multiple pieces instead of just simply selling a used vehicle. However, there are many vehicle owners who do not have the tools or the time to follow this method. In that case, we recommend coming down to Taunton Scrap Metal and letting our team handle all of these steps for you. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more.