18, Nov, 2019

Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling Tips

Scrap Metal Recycling can be very profitable for individual scrappers. However, it is even more profitable for contractors that handle demolition, remodeling, and building. Commercial contractors can collect large amounts of steel, iron, copper, and other metals that are very profitable. However, there are ways to increase how much money these metals are worth by being strategic on when, where, and what you recycle.

Where To Recycle Scrap Metal

The first step in recycling scrap metal, whether you are an individual or a company, is to find the right yard. There are a few factors to determine the best yard for your company. Location matters. Without going to deep into it, you need to consider the weight of the metal, the time it takes to transport it, the gas that will be used, and the convenience of the yard when thinking about recycling. But that doesn’t mean you should go to the closest scrap yard. The second most important factor to consider is the price point. By looking at prices and proximity, you can find a scrap yard that maximizes how much you make when you recycle. Of course, the other important thing to note is what they recycle. If you are offering metals that their yard does not take, it could be a wasted trip. The last factor to consider is the ease of recycling. Disorganized yards can be a hassle to use. Ideally, you want to recycle in a yard that is well organized and equipped with a good staff of employees that can help you recycle your metal efficiently.

When To Recycle Scrap Metal

The next big question for commercial scrappers is when to recycle metal. There are two factors to pay attention to. First, scrap metal prices are constantly changing. So if you have a yard that you are at a regular at, it is important to track their prices. This is another marker of a good scrap metal yard, consistently updating their prices online or at the yard shows that they are finding the most competitive prices. Unfortunately, when one metal increases in price another can decrease. So it is important to track the right metals and decide if it is better to recycle all of your metals together or at different times. In some ways, recycling scrap metal can be like following the stock market, and it is important to keep your eye on price trends. Another factor for when to scrap is to consider when you will maximize shipping the scrap metal. Scrap metal is heavy and requires a lot of gas to move from one place to another. Doing small loads can be detrimental to your overall profit and time commitment. Waiting for when you have enough metal is the best way to maximize profits.

Taunton Scrap Metal’s Commercial Scrap Recycling

Taunton Scrap Metal makes scrapping metal easy, especially for commercial properties. Instead of worrying about when to scrap, distance to our yard, or how much metal you have, you can utilize our rentable roll off dumpsters. With our dumpsters, you won’t need to consider transportation costs or how they would impact your schedule. Simply contact our team to set up a drop-off and pick up time and we will handle the rest.