27, Aug, 2019

Is There Any Type Of Metal You Can’t Recycle

Recycling scrap metal has become more popular in recent years. Not only can you help the environment by getting rid of old scrap metal, but you also get to clean up your garage and make a little money on the side. That said, there are many questions that people have about recycling their scrap metal. For new scrappers, there may be a lot to consider when bringing metal to a yard from price point to what you can sell. Obviously, you do not want to waste gas transporting something to a scrap yard that they won’t buy from you. That is why it is important to understand what is and what is not generally acceptable to be sold at a scrapyard.

What Metals Can Be Recycled

Most scrap metal yards will buy and recycle the same core group of metals. Iron, brass, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and steel are commonly recycled at almost any scrap metal yard. Many yards also work with machinery like motor blocks, appliances, cars, car batteries, car engines, radiators, and other similar items. Generally speaking, the best way to know what a certain scrap yard is going to buy and recycle is to check their website or to contact them directly. Many scrap yards also help identify alloys to make sure you get the most money possible for your scrap metal. So even if you do not know exactly what you are recycling, a scrap metal yard can ensure that you are getting a fair price on the metal.

What Metals Cannot Be Recycled

There are two camps in the unrecyclable metals section of any scrap metal yard. Metals that cannot be physically recycled, and metals that cannot be recycled legally. Scrap Metal Yards will not recycle any material that contains asbestos, CFC’s (also known as refrigerant) and unclean metals. If you are recycling a metal that has at any point contained non-recyclable waste or has oil residue can be difficult to recycle. Legally a yard will not take any metal that is public property including manhole covers, street signs, city lighting, etc.

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