09, Jul, 2019

Scrap Metal Tips for Small Businesses

Small business owners are always looking for ways to reduce waste and save money. One way you can make some money as a small business owner is by utilizing a scrap metal yard. Contractors, farmers, and retail businesses have utilized scrap metal recycling as a way to lose less of their overhead costs. These tips will help you understand how your small business can get the most out of the scrap metal you are recycling.

How to Recycle Scrap Metal

The first step in recycling scrap metal is choosing the yard you are going to use. Overall it is best to work with a small local yard. Working locally saves money on gas transporting the metal from your location to theirs. Once you have found a yard, familiarize yourself on what they buy, and how they prefer to receive the metal. Building a relationship with a scrap yard is the best way to get the most out of your scrap metal. Over time you can learn when to scrap and how much to bring.

How Much is Your Scrap Metal Worth

If you are sitting on a pile of scrap metal, there are a few things to consider before you bring it to the scrap yard. There are ways you can boost the value of your scrap metal. The first thing you should always do is organize your metal. Keeping metals correctly bundled together makes things easier for your metal yard, and will often ensure that you get the best price for each individual metal. “Clean” metal (that is a uniform metal that does not have anything attached or hanging off of it) goes for more than unclean metal because it is less of a hassle to deal with. Of course, organizing and cleaning metal is an equation of time vs money. Some business owners would rather sacrifice some money to save themselves the time.

When Should You Recycle Scrap Metal

It is helpful to know when the best time to recycle scrap metal is. Waiting for scrap metal to pile up can save you on both time and gas money. More importantly, scrap metal prices vary week to week and month to month. Recycling scrap metal can be a lot like playing the stock market, in that you want to sell at the right time and hold at the right time. Working with one scrap metal yard longterm can help scrappers get a feel for when to sell and when to save.

Taunton Scrap Metal Yard

Our Scrap metal yard offers the best prices in Bristol county. Whether you are new to selling scrap metal or are looking for a new yard, Taunton Scrap Metal would be glad to buy and recycle your scrap metal. Give us a call to discuss what we recycle and the recycling process.