25, Jun, 2019

What are the Laws When Recycling Scrap Metal in Massachusetts

Before you start selling and recycling scrap metal there are a few things you ought to know. Whether you are an experienced scrapper working on large construction jobs and recycling scrap metal commercially, or a novice who wants to empty out a garage of some old machinery the following information is vitally important.

Massachusetts Laws for Recycling Scrap Metal

The following laws are followed by every licensed scrap metal yard in the state of Massachusetts and should be known by anyone planning to recycle metal:

  • Sellers: All scrap metal sellers must be able to provide a legal state ID card. They must also sign a statement indicating that they are the owner of the metal that they are selling and are authorized to sell it. They can also be required to sign a recorded statement that they have not ever been convicted of metal theft.
  • Sales: Scrap yards must record license plate numbers of seller’s vehicles. Keep electronic records of all seller’s names, addresses, and date of sale. Any sale worth more than $250 must be cataloged with photos or videos. Records of purchases must be kept for a minimum of two years and are subject to inspection by law enforcement of any time.
  • Sale Tickets: Sale tickets must include location, date and time, and initials from the clerk that oversaw the sale. Tickets must also show metal weight and quantity or volume of the material sold. They must also indicate a general description of material received. Tickets must be signed by the seller and the seller will be offered a copy of the receipt by the buyer.
  • Vehicles: Any vehicle purchase must be reported to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).
  • Tag and Hold: There is a tag and hold policy that is in effect for 10 days when notified by law enforcement.

What You Cannot Recycle at a Scrap Metal Yard

The following materials are prohibited to be scrapped at any scrap metal yard:

  • Manhole covers
  • Beer Kegs
  • Propane containers used for forklifts
  • Street Lights
  • Guard rails
  • Railroad equipment: tracks, spikes
  • Funeral markers
  • Street signs and street lights
  • Any metal that bears the mark of a government entity
  • Vehicles with removed or defaced VIN numbers

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