20, May, 2019

How To Make Money Off of Scrap Metal

Maybe you have passed by a scrap metal yard or your commute, or maybe you have seen a billboard or an advertisement for a nearby yard. Maybe you have considered recycling scrap metal before. Scrap metal yards might be the closest thing to the fictional art of alchemy that exists. You put in iron, steel, copper, or aluminum and get money back. However, similar to playing the stock market, making extra income on scrap metal recycling requires a level of knowledge. For many Americans, not knowing where to start in the scrap metal process is the main barrier to recycling.

Get Prepared: What You Need

Let’s start at the basics. Recycling scrap metal does require some investment. There is both a time investment and a resource investment. You will need to consider how much time you have to collect and transport scrap metal, and how you will move it. If you don’t own a strong truck, it might be a challenge to scrap large amounts of metal.

Where To Get Scrap Metal

You may be wondering, where to get metal in the first place. First, look around your own property. If you have metal in your garage you want to get rid of that is a good place to start. You can also go around your neighborhood and ask your neighbors if they would let you get rid of their scrap metal for them. You don’t have to work in construction to find scrap metal. Make sure that you properly guard the metal you collect, as metal left in front yards is often stolen.

Find the Right Scrap Metal Yard

One of the most important parts of the process is finding the best scrap yard. Scrap metal prices are constantly changing. Loyalty to a yard also matters, having a longstanding relationship with a scrap yard can keep you from getting ripped off. When selecting a yard, don’t assume that all yards are equal. Find a yard that is close by that you trust. For more information take a look at this blog.

How To Recycle Scrap Metal

Even when finding the perfect yard, many novice recyclers do not get the most for their metal because they do not know how to optimize their recycling. Make sure you sort the metal in advance. If you hand over a single bin of unorganized metal, an average yard will pay you for your cheapest metal, whereas a nicer yard might pay you based on an average. To get the most out of your metal, separate it by type. Research the prices the yard provides for their metal, and organize your bins based on that. Cleaning your metal also improves how much you get for it. Remove paint and remove any attachments. Yard owners will lower your take home cash based on how much work they will need to do get your metal ready for recycling.

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