28, Feb, 2019

How To Get Into The Recycling Mindset

From elementary school science fair projects to the blue bins punctuated throughout your office space, the concept of recycling has gained a tremendous amount of popularity since the turn of the millennium. And although the concept of recycling is widely agreed upon as “the right thing to do” the practice is still not where it needs to be. There seems to be cognitive dissonance between the agreed belief that recycling is necessary and the practices of most average Americans. In some cases, there is even a recycling placebo where blue bins and black trash bins in offices and schools that are dumped into the same dumpster behind the building at the end of the week. Unfortunately, some of the recycling movement has led to an out of sight out of mind mentality where it is more important to recycle in principle than in action. For this problem to be resolved we need to examine the root causes as well as steps that can be taken to circumvent these problems.

Overcoming Obstacles

As much as we can all agree that recycling is a good concept, it is still not widely practiced to the degree we think it is. There are a few factors for why this is but at its core, it comes down to convenience. A large problem with recycling in its current form is its over-complicated nature. With thousands of different recyclable materials and plastics in circulation, it has become a chore to simply understand what materials can be recycled and how/when to recycle them. This has let to a problem with contamination in both single-stream systems (blue bins) and dual stream systems (sorted bins). The complex nature of recycling and the fact that most people do not feel confident in how to recycle has created the disconnect between the desire to be environmentally friendly and the ability to do so.

Recycling Made Simple

Simply put, the solution to many recycling problems is to simplify the process as much as possible. One way to do this is to adopt a pre-cycling mindset. When purchasing products, purchase products with less packaging, with easily recyclable material, and support brands that use previously recycled material. If possible in your neighborhood, choose to bring your trash to a waste disposal center that properly recycles. Otherwise, if living in a community that has routine pickups, work with your neighbors and homeowners association to make hire a waste disposal service that provides clear instructions on how to recycle and encourages good recycling practices.

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