22, Aug, 2018

Reducing your carbon footprint through recycling metal

The Positive Impact of Recycling Metal

A lot of individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact their carbon footprint leaves on the environment. Due to this, many turn to recycling as a way to reduce the size of their footprint and move towards a greener lifestyle. Although this is a positive trend, some individuals don’t take advantage of local scrap yards to recycle materials such as metal. Educating people on the positive impact recycling metal has is a great way to convince them to take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint while also benefitting their community in a variety of ways including creating jobs, enhancing the economy, and improving the environment.

Creating Jobs

The widespread creation of jobs is one of the biggest impacts that the scrap metal recycling industry has had on the United States. Employing over 534,506 people all over the nation, the scrap metal recycling industry has become a fast-growing business that will continue to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in years to come. Not all of these people are actual metal workers, individuals associated with the purchasing as well as brokerage of scrap metal and parts for recycling account for tens of thousands of this figure.

Enhancing the Economy

The value of the scrap metal recycling industry and its potential for future growth is emphasized by the economic benefits it provides while continuing to grow as a movement. Within the United States alone the industry generates 116.9 billion dollars annually according to the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Improving the Environment

Thanks to the scrap metal recycling industry more than 120 million tons of recycable metals are processed each year. This not only reduces the tonnage of new metals needed to manufacture new goods but also the environmental impact of mining due to a decreased need. Additional environmental benefits the scrap metal recycling industry provides are energy conservation, pollution reduction, and resource conservation.


Metals We Buy

As one of the leading scrap metal processing centers in Massachusetts, Taunton Scrap Metal has been giving old metal a new life for almost three decades. Because our primary mission is to recycle like people do with curbside recycling, but on a bigger scale with a different reusable commodity, we buy a variety of metals including the following:


  • Copper Commodities
  • Stainless Steels
  • Leads
  • Brasses
  • Aluminum
  • Ferrous – Heavy Steel
  • Specialty Metals (Obsolete Equipment, Cars, Trucks, Planes Trailers)
  • And much more!



Contact Us:

Taunton Scrap Metal is proud to play its part in the movement by offering scrap metal recycling services needed to take advantage of the economic benefits of metal recycling and reduce waste. Contact us or call at (508) 823-0900 to find out more.