25, Jul, 2018

How To Scrap A House

For amateur scrap metal collectors who collect scrap for extra income there are certain things that get you excited. One of them is the opportunity to scrap a whole house. This could mean having access to a relatives or friends old house that is about to be torn down. If you ever get the opportunity to do this, you could be sitting on thousands of dollars of scrap metal. If you get the opportunity to do this, maybe sure you take the time to do it right!

Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

If you are going to scrap a house, you can expect to get hundreds of pounds in scrap metal. To do this successfully, you’ll want to rent a roll-off dumpster. Taunton Scrap Metal has dumpsters available from 15 to 50 feet to help with your large scrap metal project. Depending on the weight of your scrap metal haul, container fee’s may be waived.

Having a roll off dumpster during a scrap project like this is immensely valuable. It will help save you time, labor, and help keep you organized during the project.

Where To Find Scrap

When you are dealing with a house that is about to be torn down, you don’t have to worry about maintaining structural integrity or breaking anything in the home. That makes it easier to quickly add up weight of scrap metal.

Maybe the most amount of money you’ll make from scraping a house will come from the copper piping throughout the home. An average residential home will have about 450 pounds of copper. Depending on the type of copper, that’s around $1000 of scrap metal.

Next you can find large amounts of aluminum inside a home and outside. Think gutters, flashing on the roof, garage materials, and more. Aluminum isn’t worth as much as copper, but it adds up when you account into the total amount in a house.

The roll-off dumpster becomes useful when you start scraping appliances such as dishwashers or washer and dryer units. Not having to worry about the transportation to and from your site to our location in Taunton is a major benefit.

Contact Taunton Scrap Metal

Now that you know about the in’s and out’s of scraping a whole house, you are set up for a nice pay day. If you have any questions about current scrap prices or dumpster rentals, contact us today.