19, Apr, 2018

Scrap Metal Recycling Facts by the Numbers

At Taunton Scrap Metal in Taunton, Massachusetts we offer cash for your scrap. On top of that, it’s our mission to offer you the highest price possible on your scrap. We work with individual customers scraping excess scrap from their homes or from their side construction projects. We also offer roll-off dumpster service for commercial needs in the scrap market.

Pretty much, we know a thing or two about scrap metal in Massachusetts. For our first blog post, we’ll cover some scrap metal facts:

630 Million: The average number of tons of scrap metal that is recycled yearly

715 Thousand: The amount of fully grown elephants in weight that is recycled each year in scrap metal

1.5 Tons: The amount of carbon monoxide prevented from entering the atmosphere for every ton of scrap metal recycled

85%: The percentage of all “scrap-able” metal is that is recycled when it reached the end of it’s life cycle

11 Million: The number of vehicles that are scraped in the U.S each year

120 Years: How long the U.S has been exporting scrap metal

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